E-Commerce Packages

Our E-Commerce Packages

With the perfect interaction of Akeneo and Shopware you can take your company one step further. Vision IT offers you two productive and coordinated packages.

Webshop in a box BASIC
  • Shopware 5 Community Edition
  • Akeneo 3.1 Community Edition
  • Oktopus Connector incl. 1 year vendor support
  • Standard shop attributes
  • Product Import Mapping incl. 1 year vendor support
Webshop in a box PREMIUM
  • Shopware 5 Community Edition
  • Akeneo 3.1 Community Edition
  • Oktopus Connector incl. 1 year vendor support
  • Standard shop attributes
  • Standard BMEcat attributes
  • Product Import Mapping incl. 1 year vendor support
  • BMEcat Import Connector incl. 1 year vendor support

With the already predefined standard set of attributes you can start directly. Maintain your products in the central PIM. Enrich the product data with pictures, texts etc. These are then transferred with the Octopus Connector and Shopware and displayed in the shop backend.

You would like more information or have questions about e-commerce packages? Write us an email at sales@vision-itc.com. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Comparison of the packages

Webshop in a box BASICWebshop in a box PREMIUM
Hosting on AWS Cloud
Shopware 5 – Community Edition
Email and documents template
Emotional shopping experience
2 costumer groups
Akeneo 3.1 – Community Edition
Standard attributes
Standard attribute groupes
Standard attribut option
Standard product family
Standard channel (de_DE)
Oktopus Connector (incl. 1 year support)
Server and monitoring configuration
API connection (Akeneo & Shopware)
Standard mapping (products, attributes, categories)
Standard shop attributes
Product Import Mapping (incl. 1 year support)
BMEcat Import Connector (incl. 1 year support)
BMEcat cataloges 1.2 and 2005 import
Category tree and import of products
Standard BMEcat attributset
automatic image import
attribute mapping

We offer hosting services on the AWS Cloud as part of the packages.

All servers are preconfigured and ready for the most common needs. If you claim the AWS cloud hosting, we provide the following:

Each package contains 3 web servers (you can see how these are set up in the documentation for the respective packages). You get your own AWS account, that we create and pre-configure. AWS Cloud initial configuration, AWS Security Groups configuration, AWS port sharing, backups and their setup, and many more are part of the package.

We offer an all-inclusive package, so you will not need inhouse AWS expertise. It should be noted that the Akeneo, Shopware and the Oktopus Connector are set up and operated on separate web servers.

With the market leader in the open-source PIM market, professional product data management is now also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Finally make the smart decision to regain control of your data and master the challenges of multi-channel marketing.

Shopware is a content management system, which is one of the most widespread online shop solutions in Germany. It is also suitable for both, in the B2B and in the B2C area. Development and support are “Made in Germany” and offer great usability for users. Thanks to numerous design templates for pages, landing pages, banners and many more, content elements can be created very easily.

Oktopus is a powerful middleware that acts as a link between different technologies: shop systems, PIM, ERP, CRM. The Oktopus controls the synchronization from Akeneo to Shopware and transferres your product data.

Easily and comfortably assign your CSV and Excel columns to the Akeneo attributes and import various Excel formats into your Akeneo. Forget the time-consuming manual editing of Excel files and avoid this potential source of error in everyday working life. Vision IT allows you to use Product Import Mapping to create a perfect and easy interaction between CSV, XLSX and Akeneo.

BMEcat Import Connector is a standardized format for the digital exchange of catalog and product information in procurement processes. Between suppliers and buyers, electronic data is usually used to exchange large amounts of data in different data formats. For this purpose, the BMEcat was developed as an XML standard, which supports a transfer of electronic product catalogs as well as product classification systems such as: ECl @ ss, UNSPSC or ETIM. With the BMEcat Import Connector for Akeneo you can import structured catalogs according to the BMEcat standards 1.2 and 2005 into your Akeneo product database. With the BMEcat Import Connector, developed by Vision IT, you can easily manage BMEcat catalogs as a manufacturer, dealer or purchasing company in Akeneo-PIM. Without working with the BMEcat Import Connector, too much time and knowledge has to be spent on each data import. Save time, money and nerves and use the BMEcat Import Connector.